Find place with a beautiful sparkling loving environment for your family in Suvarna Sutera, a new township with 900 hectares of area for the first phase of development presented by Alam Sutera Group. Suvarna Sutera is one of the many layers of breathtaking beauty, providing investment growth and opportunities , awaiting you to be part of the development. 
Situated in West of Jakarta, 30-minute drive from Jakarta, directly accessed through the busy Jakarta – Merak Toll Road, Suvarna Sutera is a jewel in the treasure chest, becoming the most desirable residential and business area in the region.
Suvarna Sutera has 4 superclusters; Suvarna Padi Golf Estate, Suvarna Jati, Suvarna Padma, and Suvarna Sari.
We offer a variety of facilities will be specialized for you and your family such as Schools, Houses of Worship, Neighborhood Shopping Center, Sports Center, Cultural Center, and others 
Suvarna Sutera offers you the best of all worlds……
A. Direct Toll Access
Easy access to Suvarna Sutera's location bringing the project to its best. We truly believe to offer something valuable, something we can invest in a good real estate development. It's the simplest way to make money, build equity and live right. Investing in real estate affords pride of ownership, a sense of security, and the confidence to do bigger and better things in life.
B. Golf Estate
A prestigious golf and social venue in Suvarna Sutera offering exceptional standards of golf and hospitality. Invite you to take the challenge and test your game from the championship Tees, with water lining seventeen and eighteen holes, an accurate long game is essential.
C. Rain Water Harvesting
The lush green stripes invite you to venture further, to discover its true treasure….. the sustainable environment with an ecological-planning method, to ensure all of us that no value opportunities will be missed. To create a private, garden community in a new development called Suvarna Sutera.
D. Residential Cluster
Built upon vast terrain and designed to enhance its natural richness, this exclusive community is perfectly poised by the beautiful composition of clusters, with the morning light stretched before you and sparkling nighttime fluorescently shown.
The residential community, a home  in which careful , creative attention has been paid to every detail and nothing over looked. From the stunning lakes to the opening of  green  patio, this is truly  a home designed to provide unforgettable memories and freedom of joy. Everywhere you look, on every level, you are wrapped in elegant luxury that echoes the quality of living of ours.
E. School
F. Lush Green Living
It's our chance to inherit the earth. We develop a world of difference which has a combination of residential, commercial, educational, and industrial estates. This real estate is the road to a richer tomorrow….., a chance to realize visions of prosperity that climb high in this part of Indonesia.
G. Center City
Nestled in the great space of the living and business destination in the West of Jakarta, Suvarna Sutera, providing investment growth and opportunities, awaiting you to be part of the development.